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Buzzwords for 2014

American Consultancy Baum+Whiteman creates high-profile restaurants around the world for hotels, restaurant companies, museums and other consumer destinations. Based in New York, their projects include the late Windows on the World and the magical Rainbow Room, and the world’s first food courts. Their just released 30 buzzwords for 2014:

  1. Boneless lamb neck
  2. Filipino food
  3. High-proof spirits
  4. Sweetbreads make a comeback
  5. Buckwheat is grain of the year … even if it’s not a grain
  6. Fluke is fish of the year … octopus second … trout third
  7. Kale still rules but cauliflower’s working forward
  8. Consumers’ newfound protein obsessions
  9. House-made fruit vinegars for vinaigrettes and cocktails
  10. Teres major (a cut of steak found deep within the shoulder)
  11. High-priced vegetarian tasting menus
  12. More beer and wine in fast-casual chains
  13. House-fermented food
  14. New uses for pretzels
  15. Banh mi makes it onto Western menus
  16. Chicken skin
  17. Crackdown on food waste
  18. Rose wines all year long
  19. Hipster Asian restaurants
  20. Drinkers rediscover gin … gin bars and gin-tonic bars
  21. Jewish fusion
  22. Coconut everything
  23. Mexican sandwiches … tortas and cemitas
  24. Sweetened and flavoured whiskeys … smoked, mapled, honeyed … prove most Americans don’t like the real taste of booze
  25. Made-to-order liquid nitro ice cream
  26. Jerusalem artichokes
  27. Paleo dieters add to gluten-free demand
  28. Delivery, high-priced and fast food. Smart phones, tablet computers speed ordering and payment, cut service staff
  29. Shakshuka (a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin) will appear on breakfast and brunch menus.
  30. Sorghum becomes a trendy sweetener