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The world’s first ever KitKat boutique opens in Japan

KitKat JapanA chocolate boutique dedicated to KitKats has opened in Tokyo in Japan, where the wafery chocolate bar is considered a cult item and lucky charm.  In Japanese it sounds like kitto katsu, which translates as ‘you will surely win’.  The KitKat Chocolatory opened in Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, and will sell only gourmet bars aimed at an adult audience.

KitKat fans in Japan have been able to choose from varieties including Purple Potato, Cinnamon Cookie, European Cheese, Bean Cake and Wasabi – unwrapping sticks of pale green, delicate pink and lilac chocolate that look and taste very different from those anywhere else in the world.

These special varieties are available only in certain regions of Japan, using ingredients and flavours linked to the local area. KitKat Kobe Pudding, for example, has a creamy custard pudding flavour, with a hint of citrus and is only available in Kobe.

Kit Kat 1Three limited edition tastebud-ticklers – Sublime Bitter made with couverture chocolate, a very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter, Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea, made with cherry blossom extract, and Special Chili, which contains a chilli pepper cream filling – are being stocked in-store.  Only 300 Sublime Bitter bars will be sold per day, as the chocolate-work is done by hand. Each bar costs 315 yen (£1.83).  The 500 bars available on opening day sold out in one hour forty minutes.

The brand KitKat was invented by Britain’s Rowntree confectionery company in 1935, but until 1937 was called the Chocolate Crisp.