Top 10 US Functional Food Trends for 2014

  1. Speciality Nutritionals – Consumers who once relied on nutritional supplements are switching to fortified and functional foods.
  2. Get Real – six out of ten consumers look for ingredients they can recognise while shopping for food and seek out foods made with simple, real and natural ingredients.
  3. Hispanic Health – America’s 52m Hispanics spent an estimated $6.9bn on functional foods in 2012 and $9.4bn on natural/organic foods/drinks.
  4. The Protein Evolution – The protein market is still centre stage with 57% of consumers, particularly between the ages of 18-34 and above age 65, seeking protein sources.
  5. Kid-Specific – Nearly half of America’s 32m mums who say they always buy health foods/drinks for their children are looking for a wider range of healthy, convenient, kid-friendly foods/drinks with nutrient and calorie levels specific to youngsters
  6. Pharma Foods – Eight out of ten consumers believe that functional foods can help or prevent the onset of heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.
  7. Alternatives – 80% of households now eat meatless meals for dinner on occasion and eggs are the most popular alternative followed by beans, lentils or legumes.
  8. Performance Nutrition – Nearly six out of ten adults used a sports nutrition product in 2012 and the combined consumer sales of sports nutrition supplements, nutrition bars and energy drinks topped $24bn in 2012, up by 11.2%
  9. Weighing in – Weight conscious consumers have ditched deprivation-style weight loss campaigns in preference for healthy eating, while adding specific real food, components and nutrients to their diets.
  10. Gen Zen – Today’s millennials, aged between 14 and 33, view their food choices as healthier, more expensive, more natural and or organic, less processed, better tasting and fresh.

Source:  IFT