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Point74’s unique and innovative software solutions for the food industry which provide food manufacturers with the power to deliver significant margin improvement and process benefits.

Point74 optimal solutions are based on a concept of fundamental improvement in total recipe design.

Point74 have a proven track record across a diverse customer base and wide product range



Coriolis Consulting are a global provider of expertise and experience in the delivery of supply chain excellence. They educate and enthuse client teams to enhance customer value.

Coriolis support their clients in their journey towards world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, they work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve their clients’ most critical problems

As a company, they see themselves as more than just consultants and food sector experts. At the centre of their business is client focus, which is why they never provide a predetermined set of solutions to a challenge. Instead, they develop a bespoke offer that responds directly to their customers’ needs. They are their clients’ partners in the truest sense, and as a result, their role is to challenge conventional thinking, bring ideas to the table, and never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner, more affordable and more than sustainable.



DCN are market leaders in manufacturing industrial food processing equipment and packaging machinery for the convenience food industry.  They design, manufacture and install full turnkey food machinery systems that cook, cool and package a large range of food products.  These include soups, sauces, ready meals, fish, joints of meat, desserts, pasta and vegetable to name a few.


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Consumer insight can occur as sudden inspiration, but more often it comes as a result of thorough immersion in relevant data and a genuine understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviours.

MIH searches for consumer insight in many different ways, including desk and field research, market intelligence, data gathering, expert interviews and consumer insight sessions.

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Sirane designs, manufactures and supplies retail food packaging to companies around the world and offer a high level of expertise.  Sirane specialise in food packaging development and manufacture of innovative packaging products and systems including absorbent materials, cook-in packaging, microwave packaging etc.  They also deal with packaging reduction and compostable and recyclable packaging.  Sirane are at the forefront of current packaging technology and offers solutions for all steps of the food journey, from raw produce through to on the plate.


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Ulrick & Short has been borne out of product innovation and the knowledge of not only how to make products come to life but how to apply them effectively in finished applications to yield the true benefit.

 Their philosophy for achieving superior quality and safety standards has been to focus on eliminating factors that may distort the overall characteristics of finished products, ensuring that throughout the development process the safety of the ingredient is never compromised.

 Ulrick and Short’s clean label ingredient range has been derived from a wide selection of crops including wheat, tapioca, maize, rice, oat, flax and sweet potato.



Highly qualified experts available in more geographical locations than all other flavour companies and networked via global teams, projects and technologies.

Pioneering innovation, cross-industry alliances to develop new thinking and flavours; industry-leading investment in research and field trips fuels their on-going discovery of ingredients, technologies and fresh insight to support innovative flavour creation. Givaudan map and pioneer sensory space to uncover lucrative market opportunities.


Univar Ingredients

Univar delivers a comprehensive portfolio of performance products from the world’s leading producers, with stocking locations spanning the globe.   They supply ingredients and formulation expertise for a broad range of food applications–baked goods, beverages, confections, dairy goods, snack foods, and many others.

Univar’s global team of dedicated food technical specialists provides application development and support, from market and trend research to product formulation, development and marketing.

Through extensive market research, they pinpoint trends that drive the marketplace, and help their customers by using the most current ingredients and technology to formulate products that meet consumer demand.

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