I completed my culinary training and held several restaurant positions in my homeland of Australia. I came to the UK in 1996. Having met and married my ‘English Rose’ I spent several years working in UK restaurants before transferring my skills to a food manufacturing environment. I have gained many awards and earned excellent reviews in guidebooks and reviews in media such as The Times, The Independent and “Which” Guide.

Starter or Dessert: Dessert – Peach Melba
Football or Rugby: Neither, it has got to be Aussie Rules and nothing else!
Book or Film: Film, I need to be able to multi task at all times, I can’t do this while I am reading a book, so film it is
Beach or City: Beach – Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia
First Car: VW beetle that had the back chopped off to make it into a ‘ute’ (UK translation: ‘Pick Up Truck’)
First Job: I sold fruit and veg in the local supermarket after school on Wednesdays & Thursdays when I was 13 years old, I loved that job. I also loved the girl on the checkout, she was much older than me, she was 16
First Record: 200 meters sprint, I think I still hold it
Favourite Quote: It is one by Confucius, I can’t translate it into Engrish though
Favourite Restaurant: Stephanie’s in Melbourne
Interesting fact about me: I used to play the trombone, well I had three lessons and had to give it up as it was too big to fit onto my BMX.