10 Natural Ingredient Trends to Watch in 2014

COCONUT MILK is riding on the back of coconut water’s recent success and is being applied as a dairy alternative of choice. Coconut milk ice cream and yogurt style products with their natural image are very on trend.

KALE and other old fashioned veg have been revived to provide a natural and nutritious edge to a wide variety of products from baby food to snacks.

SPROUTED grains, seeds and nuts in their natural form are not processed and retain more of their nutrients and natural plant enzymes, which can be beneficial for the digestive tract.

COLD PRESSED claims are well established for oil products and this concept has extended to coffee, fruits/juices and nuts as more natural ingredient or product alternatives. Product

GRASSFED milk claims for use in dairy products and similar claims for meat products. They convey more natural open pastures images for rearing of cows and resulting ingredients.

CHIA seeds are the world’s richest plant-based source of omega 3, dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants. Chia is a natural ingredient choice for bakery products and is also being rapidly applied in beverages.

STEVIA-based sweeteners, with their natural positioning, have taken the food and drinks industry by storm over the past few years, filling a gap in the market as demand for “clean label” products has risen.

HONEY is finding its way into new product domains such as chocolate and juices for its natural sweetening attributes, flavour and colour.

RAW CACAO or cocoa is being used in chocolate products and cereal & energy bars for more health benefits as well as to impart more intense and bitter flavouring.

GMO FREE or free of GMO ingredients is a claim which is increasingly being used on a wide range of products and not just limited to grain-based products.