Nielsen data reveals changing shopper behavior

New data from global information and insights company Nielsen has shown that shoppers are increasingly visiting a wider range of stores, spending an average of £19 per visit at the major supermarkets in February.

According to the figures, 96% of UK households visited one of the top four supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda or Morrisons), while over 40% of households visited Aldi or Lidl.

Nielsen said Aldi and Lidl are now accounting for 8.8% of all sales, a 6.6% rise on last year.

Nielsen UK head of retailer and business insight Mike Watkins said: “The range of supermarkets that shoppers now visit is the big change. Although the amount spent is falling, seven of the top 10 supermarkets managed to entice new customers over the last three months. Shopper promiscuity is the new reality.

“Of course, the discounters are increasingly popular – one in five Aldi visitors last month shopped there for the first time – yet they account for less than 9p in every £1 spent. People are still visiting the large supermarkets for the bulk of their shopping, ‘cherry-picking’ promotional items – spending £25 a visit – but buying more of their grocery staples in Aldi and Lidl, spending £17 per visit.

“Many shoppers are buying items on promotion and then going elsewhere to finish filling their basket. So, the increasing challenge for supermarkets is not only driving footfall but also getting shoppers to buy more per visit.

“That means there’s a need to differentiate their offering but this has to be more than just through promotions or lowest price. It involves engaging shoppers with the overall shopping experience and providing value for money – as well as allowing them to save money”.