The Fat Duck is Flying Down Under

Fat DuckIt is arguably Britain’s most exclusive restaurant – but Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck is heading Down Under.  In the New Year, Blumenthal shall be migrating more than 10,000 miles to Melbourne’s Crown Casino in what Blumenthal has billed as “the furthest migration of a duck”.  “We are going to pick up The Fat Duck, the whole team, and fly them over here”.  The restaurant shall be opening in February 2015.

The relocation has been two years in the making, and the new restaurant will seat around 45 people and have a staff of approximately 70.  “We are going to shut the Fat Duck and bring it to Melbourne,” the renowned gastronome said, adding that the menu of the restaurant would also be brought over.  “It’s somewhere between 12 and 18 courses, it’s four hours of eating and it’s pure, total theatre – like falling down a rabbit hole into a wonderland,” he said. “However, what I’d love to do is try and come up with dishes that have a historic Anglo-Australian angle and that’s what we’re going to start developing,” he said.

Heston 2The restaurant’s intercontinental relocation is the first overseas move for Blumenthal and is a significant moment in the expansion of his distinctive culinary brand.  Blumenthal added that it was “not a pop-up restaurant,” and after six months would be rebranded Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.  “We’re even going to pick up some of the bits of the restaurant – maybe the sign, maybe bits of the leather from the chairs – and incorporate it into the dining space in The Fat Duck.

The Fat Duck’s executive head chef, Ashley Palmer-Watts, will open Dinner by Heston Blumenthal after the Fat Duck returns to the UK.