Exotic fruit achacha goes on sale in Britain for the first time


Achacha, a small orange-coloured fruit in the same family as the mangosteen that has a melon-like taste which can be eaten at room temperature, cold or frozen.  The skin to make a “thirst-quenching drink”.

The easiest way of accessing the soft fruit inside is piercing the skin with a thumbnail and then squeezing the skin on each side to pop it open.

Originated in the Bolivian rainforest and is now grown in Australia.  The farmer of the fruit grew up eating the achacha in Bolivia and, on moving to Australia, missed it so much that he spent four years cultivating it to be grown successfully and sustainably.

Its nutrients include calcium and vitamin C and less sugar than many other fruits, it is  rich in antioxidants, potassium and Riboflavin which neutralise “free radical” molecules in the blood thought to contribute to ageing and illness.  Dietary gurus claim it can also benefit pregnant women because of its high levels of folate, a naturally occurring form of folic acid which promotes healthy blood cell formation and circulation.

The Achacha shall be available at Marks and Spencer, £2.50 for a pack of four.