Smitten Ice Cream

Whilst on a creative working visit to one of our lovely Californian clients, Chef Chris came across ‘Smitten’.  Chef was blown away with the smooth ice cream and flavour profile which was made to order  in just minutes!

smitten 1 Smitten Founder Robyn Sue Fisher, an ice cream lover, really didn’t love the way ice cream in today’s world was muddled with “unpronounceable ingredients” (preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers) to prolong shelf-life. With new technology, shouldn’t we be able to make ice cream closer to, rather than farther away from, the cow? She became intent on the idea of new, old-fashioned ice cream.

Smitten 2Robyn discovered that freezing ice cream at super low temperatures could create a smoother product and freeze ice cream in record time. With a rapid freezing cycle, she could make ice cream to-order, without compromising taste for shelf-life. Aha! So, with liquid nitrogen as her secret weapon, she set off to build a machine that perfected the ultra-cold churning process. What is LN2? Nitrogen is an inert element that makes up 78% of the atmosphere all around us. Liquid nitrogen is gaseous nitrogen brought down in temperature until it changes its state of matter at -321 degrees F (darn cold!).

Smitten 3It took Robyn several years, the help of brilliant engineers, and her life’s savings,but out came Brrr™, a one-of-a-kind ice cream machine that perfects the process of using liquid nitrogen to churn exceptionally small ice crystals. Brrr™ makes the smoothest, densest and most flavorful ice cream on earth from scratch, to order, in just minutes. Also, Brrr™ is quite nerdy and has three patents!