The first ‘synthetic egg’ product to go on sale in Tesco in the UK this August.

Just MayoJust Mayo, made from plants, set to rival Hellmann’s brand. Its arrival is part of a multi-million dollar high-tech food business big in US.

Silicon Valley visionaries are working on growing meat and eggs in labs. It is a multi-million dollar business which has taken the US by storm and includes everything from lab-grown meat to total food replacements.

Just Mayo NutritionalNow, with the arrival of the plant based mayo, the UK is about to experience the beginnings of such a potential movement. Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise – without a chicken ever coming close to the production process. It was last year’s best-selling mayonnaise brand at the American supermarket Whole Foods.

Hampton Creek was founded by Josh Tetrick, 35, from Alabama in the US. He launched it after hearing about the often-disgusting conditions chicken eggs are produced in, coming up with the idea for synthetic eggs.

Whether the movement can grow to the point where people are happy to substitute a real full English breakfast for one made entirely of plants remains to be seen. But that is not going to slow down the visionaries who believe such an idea can become reality.