The hidden amounts of suagr contained in your alcoholic drinks

Scientists have recently recommended to the World Health Organisation that men shouldn’t consume more than eight teaspoons (32g) of sugar a day or women six teaspoons (24g) a day.  The amount of sugar hidden in alcoholic drinks has been revealed by nutritionists and it’s probably more than you think.

How much sugar is in your drink?

Pint of real ale  9

Pint of Guinness or Stout  5

Pint of Premium Lager  3.5

568ml bottle of Magners Pear Cider  8.5

Pint of Strongbow Dry Cider  3.5

175ml glass of Mulled Wine  11

175ml glass of medium Sweet Wine  2.5

Vodka and Red Bull  7

Gin and Tonic  5.5

Vodka and Coca Cola  6.5

Sambuca shot  4

Amaretto shot  4

50ml glass of Baileys  2.5

50ml glass of Port  3

50ml glass of Sweet Sherry  2

Smirnoff Ice  7.5

Barcardi Breezer  5.25