In the last few years we have seen the Doissant and Cronut. Now it’s a Ho-Ho-Honut!

Ho Ho NutA UK Bakery creates Christmas dinner DOUGHNUT made with candied bacon, turkey salt and oozing sausage and onion gravy. It has the best bits of Christmas dinner with all the trimmings – but in a doughnut. Made from sage infused dough and a roasted potato crumb, this savoury treat has a sausage and onion gravy filling and is topped with cured maple candied bacon, turkey salt and cranberry glaze. The festive doughnut, which costs £2.25, is on sale at UK baker Godfreys of Hornchurch, Essex.


When it comes to doughnuts there are few combinations that haven’t been tackled with Krispy Kreme serving up a mincemeat treat every December. So it was only a matter of time before savoury takes on the snack hit the shelves.

WeirdoughsTesco is the true pioneers in this area with its range of ‘weirdoughs’ including a smoky bacon and cheese and onion flavour. The supermarket giant’s festive take on its range is Turkey & Stuffing flavour. Priced at £1 for ten mini-doughnuts, reviewers have compared them to ‘the real thing’ adding that the doughy consistency helps make it more true to life. And Tesco isn’t the only supermarket jumping on board the bizarre dough trend. Iceland has added a range of savoury doughnuts to its frozen party food range. The Duck In Doughnuts contains a variety of savoury duck filled doughnuts with various crunchy toppings.

flamingpizzaThis Christmas season has seen the creation of some weird festive food fads. Mayfair Pizza Co debuted its Christmas Pudding Pizza served flaming at the table and made with Christmas pudding, custard brandy and redcurrant compote. It also launched a savoury Christmas Dinner Pizza laden with pulled turkey, pigs-in-blankets, chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, root vegetables, redcurrant compote and bread sauce