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  • Robert Kedzlie


Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In these trying times when we are all having to reconsider our daily routines, it applies to a business too. How can a restaurant, or other such food service provider diversify? Many restaurants are frantically trying to soak up as much work as they can before the situation becomes even more dire. Some restaurants in the UK and USA who have closed their dining rooms, due to Coronavirus, are altering their strategies and offering Kerbside pickup or delivery options.

Carbone, one of the most notoriously difficult-to-get-in -to restaurants in New York, is offering food to go. MIchelin starred Carbone, based in Greenwich Village, placed their menu on Caviar, a take-out app, New Yorkers rushed to order and there was a cluster of delivery people on Tuesday night collecting 150 orders.


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