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  • Robert Kedzlie

Mindful Millennials Tipple

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Alcohol consumption has been fairly flat over the past year which has caused much head scratching among the breweries and distilleries across America. Mindful millennials are looking for new low alcohol offerings as they opt for booze-free nights out and hangover-less mornings! 66% of millennials are reported to say they are looking to reduce their alcohol intake for the following reasons: Health – 50%, Weightloss – 28% and Price – 26%

What’s out there?

Kombucha – Not necessarily a new kid on the block, a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea. Usually below 0.5% ABV, it is legally classified as a non-alcoholic drink.

Hard Seltzers - Spiked sparkling water with added flavouring and an average ABV 5% are all seen as great alternatives to the higher alcohol/heavily ladened calorific beverages. White Claw, US top selling Hard Seltzer, has only 100 calories and around 5% alcohol content.

Matcha Beer – When green tea meets rice lager. Matcha Beer has been popular in Japan for several years.

Robert enjoyed a well earned Kizakura Kyoto Matcha Beer whilst in Manhattan recently, With a slightly higher ABV than the average Hard Seltzer at 8.5%,. Robert said the taste of green tea and caramel malts came through with a hint of green apples…amongst other things!!


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